Apple iPad Pro 2024 : Everything We Know

Apple iPad Pro 2024 Everything We Know

It’s widely known that the iPad Pro 2022 stands out as the top tablet in Apple’s lineup. With the introduction of the M2 chip and a few additional features like hover detection, Apple has made noteworthy improvements. However, when considering the overall picture, the iPad Pro (2022) can be seen as a refined version of an already excellent device, representing more of an incremental update rather than a groundbreaking leap forward. Some even argue that it might be one of the least significant updates in Apple’s history.

Consequently, many users are eagerly awaiting the next generation of iPad Pro. However, it’s important to note that there is currently no official information about the upcoming iPad Pro release. Apple is unlikely to unveil it within the next year or so. As a result, details about the next iteration of the iPad Pro are scarce. Nevertheless, we have compiled all available information about the Apple iPad Pro 2024 in one place, and we will continue to update the page as new information emerges. Let’s delve into what we know so far!

Latest Apple iPad Pro 2024 leaks

Apple iPad Pro 2024
  1. iPads with OLED screens in 2024 : Expect thinner screens thanks to this new technology In 2024, Apple is rumored to introduce iPads equipped with OLED screens. This transition to OLED technology is expected to result in thinner and more flexible screens compared to the current LCD displays. OLED panels offer improved color reproduction, deeper blacks, and better contrast, enhancing the overall visual experience on the iPad.

  2. Apple’s 2024 OLED iPad Pros could start at some absolutely ludicrous prices As Apple embraces OLED technology for its 2024 iPad Pro lineup, there are speculations that the starting prices of these models could be significantly higher than previous iterations. The cost of OLED panels is generally higher than LCD, which might contribute to the expected price increase. While it remains to be seen how Apple positions its products in the market, potential buyers should prepare for premium price tags.

  3. Samsung and LG preparing to produce ‘hybrid’ OLED panels for the iPad Pro 2024 Reports suggest that Samsung and LG, two prominent display manufacturers, are gearing up to produce “hybrid” OLED panels for Apple’s iPad Pro 2024. These hybrid panels are believed to combine the benefits of both rigid and flexible OLED displays. By collaborating with these established suppliers, Apple aims to ensure a reliable and efficient supply chain for its upcoming iPad Pro models.

  4. Will the iPad become bigger? There have been speculations about Apple increasing the size of the iPad in the future. While no concrete information is available, there is a possibility that Apple might introduce larger iPad models in 2024. This could cater to users who prefer a more expansive display for productivity, creative tasks, or immersive media consumption. However, until official announcements are made, the actual plans for size changes in the iPad lineup remain uncertain.

  5. Another report points to Apple launching OLED iPads in 2024 Additional reports reinforce the speculation that Apple will introduce OLED-equipped iPads in 2024. While specific details are scarce, the consistent rumors suggest that Apple is actively exploring the integration of OLED technology in its tablet lineup. This move aligns with the trend seen in other premium smartphones and displays, where OLED has become the preferred choice due to its superior visual quality and energy efficiency.

  6. Apple’s focus on its headset could result in few upgrades to its existing products With Apple’s reported focus on developing its augmented reality (AR) headset, there are concerns that the company might allocate fewer resources to upgrading its existing product lines, including the iPad. This could potentially result in fewer significant updates for the iPad in the near future. However, it is important to note that Apple has a history of delivering improvements across its product portfolio, so the impact on the iPad remains uncertain until official announcements are made.

Apple iPad Pro 2024 Release Date

Considering that Apple recently released a new lineup of iPad Pros, it’s evident that the next generation is not on the immediate horizon. Apple has established a consistent product release schedule, and the iPad Pro follows a predictable pattern. Historically, the iPad Pro has been refreshed every 1-2 years, with an average of around 1.5 years between generations.

Based on this historical data, it is reasonable to expect a new iPad Pro to arrive in early 2024. Apple typically holds an event in the Spring, which often focuses on iPads, making it an ideal timeframe for the potential launch. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman confirmed in January that a new iPad Pro in 2023 was unlikely, suggesting that the successor to the current lineup would likely arrive no earlier than the first half of 2024.

To summarize, we can anticipate Apple’s iPad Pro 2024 to be unveiled in Spring 2024 based on the company’s release patterns and the absence of any imminent updates.

Apple iPad Pro 2024 Price

The pricing of the iPad Pro has indeed been a subject of concern for many, given its already high cost. Reviewing the $2,477 model, which included all accessories but wasn’t fully specced out (which would have cost $2,877), emphasizes the premium price range of the device.

Unfortunately, there are reports from the supply chain suggesting a significant $700 price increase for the iPad Pro series. If accurate, this would result in the iPad Pro 11 starting at $1,500 and the iPad Pro 12.9 starting at $1,800. Such price jumps have led to frustrations among consumers, as they approach the price range of MacBook laptops.

It’s important to note that these reports are speculative, and the actual pricing for the next iPad Pro in 2024 is still uncertain. While Apple has been cautious about raising prices for its Pro lineups in recent years, the introduction of substantial and costly changes in the 2024 model might prompt a reevaluation of pricing strategies. However, until more concrete information is available, it’s difficult to determine the exact pricing and whether it will align with the rumored increase.

Ultimately, the pricing of the next iPad Pro will heavily influence consumer opinions and purchasing decisions, especially if the cost continues to rise significantly.

Apple iPad Pro 2024 Excepted Camera Features

At this early stage, details regarding the camera of the iPad Pro 2024 are scarce, and it’s not typically the primary focus of iPad releases. Consequently, there is very little information available about any potential camera upgrades for the upcoming model. As more details emerge, we will promptly update our knowledge base to provide a comprehensive understanding of the camera features and improvements that may be introduced in the iPad Pro 2024. Until then, it remains a topic of anticipation and speculation for users interested in the photographic capabilities of Apple’s flagship tablet.

Apple iPad Pro 2024 storage rumors

Storage options have been a topic of discussion and speculation for Apple’s “Pro” devices, including the iPad Pro lineup. While there have been ongoing expectations for Apple to increase the base storage to 256GB to align with the Pro branding, it appears unlikely for the iPad Pro 2024. Based on current information, it is expected that the storage configurations for the iPad Pro 2024 will remain the same as the 2022 model, offering options of 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB, and 2TB. Furthermore, it is highly probable that the 1TB and 2TB models will continue to feature more RAM, similar to the current offerings.

Apple iPad Pro 2024 Design

Rumors surrounding a potential design revamp for the iPad Pro have persisted for several years. Various tipsters and sources have suggested a range of possibilities, including slimmer bezels, a glass back, the addition of a notch, and even the introduction of the Dynamic Island concept. These rumors have sparked excitement and speculation about the future of the iPad Pro’s aesthetics.

In Mark Gurman’s Power On newsletter, he had confidently predicted that Apple would enlarge the logo on the back of the iPad Pro with the 2022 model to enable wireless charging through MagSafe. However, this particular prediction did not come to fruition. Nevertheless, Gurman has recently indicated that the 2024 iPad Pro is expected to arrive with an updated design, possibly incorporating the aforementioned modification.

While concrete details are limited, Gurman’s statement has reignited anticipation for an upcoming design refresh. Apple’s commitment to innovation and continuous improvement suggests that the 2024 iPad Pro may introduce notable changes to its exterior appearance. As fans eagerly await further information, the possibilities surrounding the updated design of the iPad Pro in 2024 remain a topic of speculation and anticipation.

Apple iPad Pro 2024 Display

The absence of a Mini LED display in the 11″ model of the iPad Pro 2022 was a major disappointment, as it left the smaller version lacking compared to its larger counterpart and even the iPad Air (2022). Unfortunately, it appears that the 11″ iPad Pro will not be receiving a Mini LED display in 2024 either. However, there is some potentially exciting news on the horizon.

According to display industry insider Ross Young and confirmed by Mark Gurman, the iPad Pro 2024 may introduce an OLED panel for the first time. This rumored transition to OLED technology is expected to apply to both the 11″ and 12.9″ models. Furthermore, Apple is reportedly working on perfecting a ‘hybrid’ OLED technology specifically designed for its high-end iPads.

In addition to the potential OLED display, it is likely that both the 11″ and 12.9″ iPad Pro models in 2024 will feature ProMotion technology, offering an adaptive refresh rate of up to 120Hz for smoother visuals.

Furthermore, there are leaks suggesting a possible increase in display size for the 2024 models. Ross Young has indicated that Apple is working on 11.1″ and 13″ iPad Pro models, suggesting a slight bump in size compared to their predecessors.

While these rumors provide intriguing insights, it’s important to approach them with a degree of caution until official announcements are made by Apple. However, the possibility of an OLED display, ProMotion technology, and potential size adjustments offers a glimpse into the potential upgrades and enhancements that may be introduced with the iPad Pro 2024.

Apple iPad Pro 2024 Battery Rumors

iPads have a reputation for offering excellent battery life, and it is reasonable to expect that the iPad Pro 2024 will continue this trend. Unfortunately, at this time, there are no specific leaks or details available regarding the battery specifications of the 2024 model. As soon as any information becomes available, we will ensure to update our knowledge base accordingly. The battery life of the iPad Pro 2024 remains a topic of interest and anticipation, and users can look forward to learning more about its capabilities as more information is revealed.

Apple iPad Pro 2024 Features and Software Rumors

Rumors surrounding the features and software of the iPad Pro 2024 have begun to surface, providing some insights into what we might expect from Apple’s flagship tablet. One prominent rumor suggests that the iPad Pro 2024 will be powered by the new M3 chip. Following Apple’s typical pattern of chip releases, the M3 chipset is expected to debut in the 13″ MacBook Pro/MacBook Air before making its way to the iPad Pro lineup.

With this anticipated chip upgrade, users can look forward to improved performance, efficiency, and graphics capabilities on the iPad Pro 2024. Additionally, it is highly likely that the 2024 model will run the latest version of iPadOS, providing users with enhanced features, functionality, and optimizations.

While specific details about the exact features and software enhancements remain unknown, Apple’s consistent focus on innovation and user experience suggests that the iPad Pro 2024 will offer compelling updates to further enhance productivity, creativity, and overall user satisfaction. As more information becomes available, the anticipation surrounding the iPad Pro 2024’s features and software will undoubtedly continue to grow.

Should You wait for the iPad Pro 2024?

Deciding whether to wait for the iPad Pro 2024 depends on your current needs and preferences. If you require a new tablet immediately or the features of the existing iPad Pro lineup meet your requirements, it may not be necessary to wait. However, if you desire the potential upgrades rumored for the 2024 model, such as an OLED display, improved performance with the M3 chip, and other possible enhancements, waiting could be worthwhile. Consider factors like budget, urgency, and the specific features you seek. Keeping an eye on official announcements and assessing your own priorities will help you make an informed decision on whether to wait for the iPad Pro 2024.

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