ChatGPT’s official Android app launches Next week !

chatgpt android app

OpenAI initially released the ChatGPT app for iPhone in May and promised that an Android version would follow soon. Now, the company has announced that ChatGPT for Android will start rolling out to users next week. The Google Play listing for the app is already available, and users can pre-register to get it as soon as it becomes available.

While it’s uncertain whether the app will initially launch only in the US, users from Asia have reported being able to pre-order it. Just like the iPhone app, which expanded its reach to more regions shortly after release, it’s likely that the Android app will also become accessible in other countries soon.

The dedicated ChatGPT app for Android will provide an optimized interface for mobile devices, making it more user-friendly compared to accessing it through a browser. Moreover, it will have features tailored specifically for Android users, similar to how the iOS version received support for Siri and Shortcuts in June. This allowed iOS users to create ChatGPT prompts in Shortcuts and utilize Siri for app-related tasks.

OpenAI has been testing a new opt-in feature for ChatGPT Plus subscribers, providing the AI chatbot with continuous memory. When enabled, the chatbot remembers the user’s identity across conversations, streamlining queries. This feature is intended to work across the platform, so Android users who subscribe to ChatGPT Plus and opt-in can expect to have continuous memory in their app as well when it’s released.

Chatgpt 's official android app

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