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The Insta360 X3 is the long-awaited successor of the Insta360 X2. It’s also the 3rd major 360 camera release from Insta360 in 2022. A lot has changed since the original one x2 and a lot has stayed the same. So prepare to be both amazed and disappointed. It is able to capture photos and videos in so many versatile ways while coming in at a size that literally slides into the pocket and has a whole suite of accessories as well. You can take this with you and have no excuse not to capture all these different formats.

New Display

Insta360 X3

So, I think this brings some of the best features of the touch screen. However, the previous generation model of Insta360 had a smaller screen. The 2.29-inch touchscreen display is a complete interface that allows you to change various settings and modes and view some images and videos you captured directly from Insta360 X3. This is definitely something that I have loved having the screen on these portable cameras that also serve as action cameras just make it a lot easier because even though the app might be a great option being able to do it directly from the camera itself is always going to be the fastest and most efficient option.

Camera Option

They’re some of the significant changes include the half-inch sensor in Insta360 X3. This is able to give you better image quality including more dynamic range and better low-light performance and when it comes to compact cameras having a larger sensor is always a huge plus. It is able to capture 72MP and 360-degree photos or video in 5.6K. You also frame rate options of 30, 25 and 24 in 5.7K and up to 60 frames per second in 4K. So, depending on what you need specifically you can adjust those settings accordingly directly from the touch screen and it is also a lot more responsive both in terms of controlling it within the system and also 10% faster when controlling it from the app and connecting wirelessly.

New MeMode

If you are playing something like this, you want to take advantage of a few different features. There’s that single mode option which is for recording general video or photo and you can choose between the different fields of view but I feel like why you would really want a 360 camera is obviously because of MeMode or through the 360 by being able to capture on both sides in that full 5.6k resolution and reframing it in post. It automatically makes the selfie stick invisible and this is one that is able to let you essentially capture a vlog perspective of yourself that has all the surroundings but it pre-processes into a 16:9 frame. Even though Insta360 X3 was nice to be able to go into the app and adjust your framing of the 360-degree video having it exported out as 16:9 in the 4K resolution is just super handy you can drag and drop your content very easily.

4K Action Camera

Insta360 X3

The other aspect of the multi-purpose of the Insta360 X3 is that you can also go ahead and use it as an action camera. This cannot only get you those 360 elements through the lens on both sides. But it can also capture in a 4K resolution with different frame rate options using one of the lenses. Whether it’s front or back but in terms of the option in photo mode it gives you the choice between 36MB at its top resolution using the single lens but you can also drop it down to nine if you want to save in the storage but there are also timers of 3, 5 10 and 15 seconds. You can also change the ratio to 1:1, 1:16 and 9:16.


Insta360 X3

By now you probably know the most compelling feature of the Insta360 X3 lineup and specifically, The X3 model all of its technical capabilities is that it is versatile and portable. People always say the best camera is the one that you have with you and you want a camera that is able to capture all the surroundings in the most high-quality scenario that way you can replay it when you go home but at the same time ensure that it doesn’t hinder your workflow. We’re usually used to carrying a ton of cameras around that are super heavy but that is extremely portable and fit. All within the confines of the small body you pretty much have like a multi-tool when it’s come to a camera setup and this has been a tool which is able to stick in the pocket and take with your everywhere.


When it comes to the battery life, It is now 1800MA which is about 10% larger. That is what was on the previous generation and throughout this trip, we went through about a day and a half of recording. We still have just about 20%-25% left. It is all relative depending on what you shoot. If you are using both of the cameras at once then it’s probably going to drain a little bit faster. The amount of time that you leave it on without turning it off. These are all factors. Even though there is an improvement in the battery life and it is pretty solid can’t really give you a very specific battery life expectation because we were capturing all different mediums.

User Interface

Insta360 X3

The Insta 360 X3 is able to change between the different photo and video modes. You can also pull down to all the settings including the audio in the interface. You can also have the voice control to be able to activate the camera to start recording and you can also set up a Bluetooth remote and earbuds or could also have it set to a screen lock. The microphone itself also has a few options including direction focus, Wind reduction and Stereo.

AI Features

There are a lot of AI Features built into Insta360 X3. There’s flow state stabilisation which allows it to keep its relative whenever you walk around. There are a lot of movements and that is very important for any camera of this form factor. There’s also a 360-degree horizon lock. You are able to kind of set a level point and easily calibrate within that. There are also AI editing features built-in which you can utilize to cut a bit of a clip into a video that you can publish.


Insta360 X3

When it comes to hardware in Insta360 X3, this is actually waterproof up to 10 meters. That waterproof function is great. But, if there was one complaint I would have. These lenses do stick out and even though there are a lot of accessories included to keep them protected (including a neoprene case and the actual lens cover). It’s often easy to forget to put that on. if you rest it on a hard surface. It can scratch a lens because of how much it protrudes.

One thing that Insta360 X3 is really good about though is accessories. You have an invisible selfie stick, time-lapse accessories and a Very long selfie stick. It’s funny walking around in town but the effect is absolutely worth it. Because especially if you want to utilize the MeMode or take full advantage of the 360-degree.


Insta360 X3

Insta360 X3

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