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Manfrotto Pixi

All photographers and videographers know the benefits of using a tripod. Stability inspires us to report in low light conditions. After a similar pov we loaded up a lot of shooting and they have a photo camera This is where the mini tripods get tied up on the edge. They are small, solid, and keep your camera stable, no matter what you shoot. If you are using a digital-SLR or mirrorless camera, the small tripod rigidity will smooth out a steady balance for you. Small tripods are great for drawing, production, food and fashion photography. You do not know whether it is a light mirrorless photo camera or a digital DSLR, but you need to use a small tripod.

manfrotto pixi

This Manfrotto PIXI tripod will set you back around $25 US and upwards depending on where you purchase it and which country you live in. it’s going to be suited to a number of users where discretion, size and weight are contributing factors to your purchasing decision.

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manfrotto pixi

Weighing in at only 190g and sitting 13cm tall when it’s folded. It can slip into any photographer’s case or backpack or even a large jacket pocket for that matter. It also comes in various colour combinations including white, black, pink-grey, and red-grey. To me, The black is the most appealing as it doesn’t attract too much attention and goes well with most of my camera gear but obviously, the choice of colour is yours and is going to be based on your tastes and camera gear in your kit.

manfrotto pixi

fabricated from black adapter polymer and stainless steel. The PIXI has a built-in ball hood which incorporates a 1/4 inch camera screw that will fit into most popular cameras from compact micro 4/3 to DSLRs. The unique design incorporating a stylish Manfrotto badge button allows rotation of a full 360-degree movement left and right but only tilt to 35 degrees, but the most cases the degree of the tilt is more than enough. besides cameras, The PIXI is also ideal for iPhones outfitted with the optional Manfrotto clip or any other third-party iPhone 2 tripod adapter.

In addition to its primary use as a mini tabletops tripod. The Manfrotto PIXI doubles as a handheld grip support for Compact cameras, DSLRs or lightweight camcorders. The legs are rounded on either side. So, When closed the tripod provides a comfortable handgrip.

Build Quality

Build quality is exceptional as you would expect from Manfrotto. The adapter polymer from which the bulk of the tripod is made feels solid and durable and has a great finish that exudes quality. There are rubber feet at the base of the legs to prevent slipping and a design to protect delicate surfaces.

Camera Suitability

manfrotto pixi

In terms of camera suitability, Manfrotto is clearly pitching that compact camera and smartphone market but does state that it’s also suited to the entry-level DSLR with standard lenses not exceeding 85mm focal length with a total payload of 2.2 pounds. Now even though and photo says it’s really only suited to entry-level DSLRs.


manfrotto pixi

So in summary, The Manfrotto PIXI is going to be ideal for video bloggers, general-purpose photography and video at home or in the field. For the price, it makes a great addition to the kit of any enthusiast or professional photographer looking for a compact and lightweight tripod.


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