Samsung Odyssey OLED G8 curved gaming monitor review

Samsung Odyssey OLED G8

The Samsung Odyssey OLED G8, priced at $1,799, is an incredibly stylish and impressive curved gaming monitor that competes strongly with the Alienware AW3423DWF. Boasting a captivating 34-inch curved display and remarkable picture quality, the Odyssey OLED G8 provides an immersive gaming experience. Its rapid 175Hz refresh rate and ultra-low 0.03ms response time ensure outstanding performance, particularly for games that demand quick reflexes. With the inclusion of Samsung’s smart TV and gaming hub apps, this monitor stands out as one of the finest curved and gaming monitors we have reviewed.

Although it may be considered expensive, the Samsung Odyssey OLED G8 unquestionably shines as an exceptional gaming monitor. In fact, it has become my personal favorite monitor of 2023 thus far. Throughout my review, I will delve into the outstanding features that set the Odyssey OLED G8 apart and explain why it deserves serious consideration for anyone looking to make a monitor purchase.

Pros of the Samsung Odyssey OLED G8:
  1. Immersive 34-inch curved display: The monitor’s curved design enhances the viewing experience, providing a more immersive feel while gaming or watching content.
  2. Vivid, sharp picture quality: The OLED technology delivers vibrant colors, deep blacks, and excellent contrast, resulting in stunning visual performance.
  3. Elegant design: The Samsung Odyssey OLED G8 features a stylish and modern design that adds a touch of sophistication to any gaming setup or workspace.
Cons of the Samsung Odyssey OLED G8:
  1. Pricier than competition: The monitor’s price tag of $1,799 may be considered higher compared to similar models in the market, making it less affordable for some buyers.
  2. Poor speaker quality: The built-in speakers of the Odyssey OLED G8 may not provide the best audio experience, lacking in terms of sound quality and volume.

Overall, while the Samsung Odyssey OLED G8 offers impressive features such as its immersive curved display and stunning picture quality, it is important to consider the higher price point and potential limitations of the built-in speakers.


Dimensions32.3 x 7.3 x 18.0 inches
Screen size34 inches
Resolution3,440 x 1,440
Refresh rate175Hz
Inputs1x Mini DP 2, 1x Micro HDMI, 2x USB-C
Response time0.03ms
Aspect ratio21:9
Panel typeOLED
Weight16.5 pounds (with stand)


In terms of price and availability, the Samsung Odyssey OLED G8 is priced at $1,799 according to the Samsung store. However, it is worth noting that the monitor is also available on Amazon for a discounted price of $1,331.96. While you can make a purchase now, the shipping of the monitor is set to begin on June 26, 2023.



The Samsung Odyssey OLED G8 boasts a stylish and eye-catching design. Its all-silver plastic chassis gives it a futuristic appearance, enhanced by the RGB lighting surrounding the monitor mount on the back. Overall, the monitor’s minimalist aesthetic is quite appealing.

The wide L-shaped stand is space-efficient and leaves room on the desk for other items. While it lacks a built-in Qi charger like the HP Envy 34 All-in-One, this is a minor drawback. Adjusting the monitor to the desired height is seamless, and the stand’s cable management opening ensures that cables do not interfere with the monitor’s positioning, keeping the desk clutter-free.

The monitor features a minimal number of ports, situated on the lower back. These include a single Mini DP 2 port, a Micro HDMI port, and two USB-C ports. However, it’s important to note that standard DisplayPort and HDMI cables are not compatible with the Odyssey OLED G8, which may be disappointing if you were hoping to use existing cables. Additionally, there is an OSD joystick for convenient access to and navigation through the main menu.



The Samsung Odyssey OLED G8 features an impressive 34-inch 3,440 x 1,440 OLED curved display that delivers an immersive gaming experience. The 1,800R curvature pulls you into the game, while the overall vibrancy of the display ensures that everything looks stunning.

When playing games with a first-person perspective, such as Doom Eternal and Cyberpunk 2077, the curved display truly shines. The level of immersion is remarkable, with details like alien ruins and neon-filled streets coming to life. The monitor does an excellent job of showcasing the beauty of games.

The Odyssey OLED G8 offers a total of ten display modes, including five dedicated game modes and others suited for video, movies, and TV shows. Each game mode is optimized for specific game genres like RPG, FPS, RTS, and Sports. While it’s great to have a variety of presets to choose from, the Standard mode strikes a good balance between brightness and color accuracy, making it the preferred choice for many users.

In lab tests, the Odyssey OLED G8 achieved an average brightness of 240 nits in Standard mode, comparable to the Alienware AW3423DWF. However, it is dimmer than the Acer Predator X32 FP. The display also exhibits oversaturated colors, which enhances the visual experience, particularly in games like Doom Eternal and Cyberpunk 2077. In terms of color gamut coverage, the display covers 183.3% of the sRGB color gamut and 129.9% of the more demanding DCI-P3 color space in Standard mode, with a low Delta-E value of 0.12.

Compared to other gaming monitors, the Odyssey OLED G8’s brightness and color accuracy are on par with the competition. Overall, the display impresses with its immersive curvature, vibrant visuals, and solid performance in terms of brightness and color gamut coverage.


The Samsung Odyssey OLED G8 offers impressive performance for gaming with its smooth 175Hz refresh rate and fast 0.03ms response time. Games, such as Doom Eternal, run effortlessly on this monitor, providing a seamless and enjoyable experience. The absence of input lag is particularly notable, as it allows for precise and responsive gameplay, which is crucial in fast-paced games like Doom Eternal.

The monitor supports features like Adaptive Sync and AMD FreeSync Premium Pro, ensuring that games run at their best without screen tearing or choppiness. Even during intense combat encounters in games like Doom Eternal and Cyberpunk 2077, the display maintains smooth visuals.

During testing, the Odyssey OLED G8 was connected to a system equipped with a 12th gen Intel Core i5-12600k processor, an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 Ti GPU, and 16GB of RAM. This setup allowed for running Doom Eternal at around 160 frames per second on high settings, and the monitor handled such high frame rates with ease. While the monitor is not G-Sync certified, its VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) technology ensures a smooth gaming experience for those with Nvidia GPUs.

Overall, the Samsung Odyssey OLED G8 delivers outstanding performance with its high refresh rate, fast response time, and support for adaptive sync technologies, resulting in a smooth and immersive gaming experience.


The Samsung Odyssey OLED G8 comes with built-in speakers that provide a decent audio experience. However, it’s worth noting that they may not be suitable as primary speakers for an immersive sound experience.

Although the speakers can reach high volumes without distortion, the overall sound quality is thin and lacks depth. The audio may sound tinny, which can become tiresome and less enjoyable over time. If you’re looking for a more immersive and high-quality sound experience, it is recommended to use external speakers or opt for one of the best wireless headphones to complement your gaming or multimedia experience.


The Samsung Odyssey OLED G8 offers an intuitive menu interface that can be accessed using either the OSD joystick or the included remote control. The menu features a semi-transparent blue background with clear white lettering, making it easy to navigate and find the desired options.

Switching to game mode allows you to access game-specific display options, where you can adjust attributes such as brightness and contrast. HDR is automatically enabled for games that support this feature, enhancing the visual experience.

Similar to Samsung’s recent smart TVs, the Odyssey OLED G8 incorporates Samsung’s smart TV and game hubs, both powered by the Tizen platform. The smart TV hub provides access to popular streaming apps and offers a range of free content through Samsung TV Plus.

The game hub, on the other hand, includes streaming apps like Xbox Game Pass, Nvidia GeForce Now, and Amazon Luna. Even if you don’t own a gaming console or a gaming PC, you can still play games on this monitor out of the box by pairing your preferred gaming controller and accessing game-streaming apps. Additionally, the game hub allows for navigation using a game controller, adding to the convenience and ease of use.

Overall, the Odyssey OLED G8 provides a user-friendly menu interface, along with the inclusion of Samsung’s smart TV and game hubs, which expand its functionality and offer a wide range of entertainment options.

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