“Super Mario Bros. Wonder” Game Preview

Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Get ready to rejoice, as the beloved little red plumber returns in the highly anticipated game, Super Mario Bros. Wonder, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch and set to release later this year. The last time we experienced a 2D Mario adventure was back in 2012 with New Super Mario Bros U. While the DS original eventually received a successful Switch port, it’s exciting to witness Nintendo crafting a fresh, tailor-made Mario title specifically for its flagship console.

During a recent Nintendo Direct presentation, we caught a glimpse of what Super Mario Bros. Wonder has in store for us. The game promises to infuse the classic platformer with a much-needed dose of style and flair. Brace yourself for a visually vibrant art style, eccentric level designs, an array of new power-ups, and an unprecedented number of playable characters. Although we’re still in the process of gathering all the latest information on Super Mario Bros. Wonder, stay tuned for a comprehensive breakdown of everything we know so far. The excitement is building, and we can’t wait to jump into this extraordinary Mario adventure!

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Release date

Super Mario Bros. Wonder multiplayer

Mark your calendars, as Super Mario Bros. Wonder is all set to grace our Nintendo Switch consoles on October 20, 2023! This highly anticipated 2D Mario adventure is undoubtedly one of the biggest game releases of the year, generating immense excitement among fans.

As a Nintendo Switch exclusive, Super Mario Bros. Wonder promises to deliver an unforgettable gaming experience. The publisher has already kicked off pre-orders for the game, making it possible for eager players to secure their copies. You can pre-order the game from the Nintendo eShop or the My Nintendo Store on Nintendo.com, ensuring you won’t miss out on this extraordinary Mario title.

With its vibrant art style, imaginative level design, new power-ups, and an expanded roster of playable characters, Super Mario Bros. Wonder is shaping up to be a game that fans won’t want to miss. Prepare yourself for an adventure filled with joy, challenges, and the nostalgic charm that only Mario can deliver. Get ready to embark on an epic journey with our favorite little red plumber this October!

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Official Trailer

Exciting news! The recently released Super Mario Bros. Wonder Official Gameplay Trailer showcases the thrilling levels that Mario and his friends will explore throughout the game. From wriggling pipes to rolling balls and other action-packed stages, this Mario adventure is set to be more intense and hectic than ever before.

The game’s visuals boast a delightful pastel color palette, which adds to its charm. However, some stages will challenge players by immersing them in darkness, creating a captivating and immersive experience. Moreover, the trailer hints at the inclusion of local multiplayer, allowing players to team up with a friend for even more fun.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder marks a significant milestone as the first new 2D Mario title in over a decade, making it highly anticipated among fans who have eagerly awaited its release. The trailer has surely left fans clamoring for more information, but fear not, as further details are likely to emerge soon. And with the release date approaching, we won’t have to wait much longer to experience the excitement and joy of playing the game ourselves. Get ready to jump back into the world of Mario and embark on a memorable 2D adventure like never before!

Super Mario Bros Playable Characters

Super Mario Bros. playable characters

Super Mario is set to bring an exciting array of playable characters to the forefront, adding a whole new level of enjoyment to the game. In addition to the classic heroes like Mario, Luigi, and Toad, players will have the opportunity to step into the shoes of some other beloved characters. Nintendo has officially confirmed that Princess Peach, Princess Daisy, and Yoshi will all be playable this time around, expanding the roster and offering fans a fresh and diverse gameplay experience.

This significant departure from the previous game, New Super Mario Bros 2 for 3DS, where the focus revolved around Mario and Luigi’s rescue mission to save Princess Peach from Bowser and the Koopalings, indicates that Super Mario Bros. Wonder is aiming to embrace inclusivity and provide players with a broader range of characters to choose from.

With this expanded cast of playable heroes, players can look forward to exploring the game’s levels and challenges with their favorite characters, each bringing their unique abilities and charm to the table. Whether you prefer the classic duo of Mario and Luigi or wish to venture forth with Princess Peach, Princess Daisy, or Yoshi, Super Mario Bros. Wonder promises an unforgettable and enjoyable 2D adventure for all players.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Gameplay

Super Mario Bros Wonder gameplay

Super Mario Bros. is taking a bold and innovative approach to the 2D Mario game formula, particularly in terms of its visuals. Nintendo is leveraging the power of the Switch to deliver a visually stunning experience with more detailed environments, redesigned character models, and intricate level designs. The game’s inventive use of new mechanics and returning power-ups adds a refreshing twist to the classic Mario gameplay.

One of the key highlights from the initial batch of Super Mario Bros. Wonder gameplay is the introduction of Wonder Flowers. These collectibles play a crucial role in unlocking the wonders of the world. By acquiring these flowers throughout the levels, characters can undergo fascinating transformations and interactions. For instance, players have witnessed characters turning into a ball, enabling them to swiftly traverse environments. Mario’s neck extending into the sky, pipes coming to life and changing shape, and dynamic changes in lighting within levels add a delightful sense of flair and unpredictability to the game’s courses.

Nintendo is also infusing the game with more personality and playfulness. The overall tone exudes a sense of whimsy, accompanied by evocative sound effects and talking flowers that add to the engaging atmosphere. Watching characters swim up waterfalls, grind on rails, and deftly avoid roller-skating Koopas highlights the game’s charm and captures the essence of classic Mario gameplay.

With its creativity, charm, and delightful surprises, Super Mario Bros. Wonder promises to be an exceptional addition to the iconic franchise, providing players with an extraordinary 2D Mario adventure that is sure to captivate both new and long-time fans alike.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Multiplayer

Super Mario Bros. Wonder multiplayer

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is embracing the spirit of camaraderie and multiplayer fun by offering four-player multiplayer support. This means that you and your friends can team up for a cooperative adventure through the game’s worlds, adding a whole new dimension of excitement and enjoyment.

The best part is that the multiplayer experience is incredibly flexible, allowing you to mix and match characters to your heart’s content. Whether you want to form a team of classic heroes like Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad or have a crew of multiple Yoshi variations running around, the choice is yours.

However, one aspect that remains uncertain is the specific details of the co-op support. As of now, there hasn’t been confirmation on whether Super Mario Bros. Wonder’s multiplayer will be available for both local play, where you can gather your friends in the same room and play together on a single console, and online play, which would allow you to team up with friends remotely.

Fans are eagerly awaiting further updates from Nintendo to find out whether they can share the adventures with friends nearby or across the internet. Regardless, with its multiplayer feature, Super Mario Bros. Wonder promises to deliver delightful moments of teamwork, laughter, and shared triumphs as you and your friends embark on an epic 2D Mario journey together.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Development

Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is making history as the first all-new side-scrolling 2D Mario game in over a decade, breaking the long wait since the last traditional Mario titles. The last 2D Mario games, New Super Mario Bros. U (2012, Wii U) and New Super Mario Bros. 2 (2012, 3DS), left fans eagerly anticipating another adventure with their beloved plumber. In the intervening years, Nintendo released other Mario games with different gameplay styles, such as Super Mario Run, Super Mario Maker, Super Mario Maker 2, and New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe for the Switch. However, these titles brought unique gameplay experiences, and fans were still yearning for a fresh traditional side-scrolling Mario adventure.

The long-awaited announcement of Super Mario Bros. Wonder came in June 2023, creating a wave of excitement and anticipation among Mario enthusiasts. Nintendo’s reveal at the Nintendo Direct presentation showcased the game’s captivating features, including its visually stunning design, creative level layouts, expanded roster of playable characters, and innovative use of Wonder Flowers, making it one of the most highly anticipated releases of the year.

As fans eagerly await the release of Super Mario Bros. Wonder on October 20, 2023, they can explore the roundup of everything announced at the Nintendo Direct to get a comprehensive overview of all the exciting reveals and features awaiting them in this extraordinary new 2D Mario adventure. The countdown to rediscovering the joy of traditional side-scrolling Mario gameplay is on, and it’s sure to be a memorable experience for fans and gamers alike!

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